Monday, January 29, 2007

Ways that College Teachers and Students Use Technology

Here are the numbers that were included in the article mentioned in the previous post.

Educator-related activities:
- 78 percent of professors use email to supplement or supplant office hours
- 55 percent provide hyperlinks within their online syllabuses to provide more resources
- 54 percent post their handouts and/or slide presentations
- 42 percent have Web sites or similar tools available for individual courses

Student-course related activities:
- 77 percent research their school assignments online
- 74 percent check their grades online
- 51 percent complete their class assignments online
- 49 percent look up assignments from instructors

Other student activities:
- 90 percent send or receive email
- 68 percent check the weather forecast online
- 66 percent send or receive online instant messages
- 60 percent check out someone's online profile

Reporter: Eleanor Yang Su, San Diego Union-Tribune
Sources: Campus computing Project Survey, Dec. 2006, Student Monitor spring 2006 lifestyle and media study

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rfujihara said...

As each year passes, we see more and more technology incorporated and accepted at all levels of education. I find that in Adult Ed. we tend to be a little bit slower at adapting to the world around us, even though we are supposed to be educating them. I feel the most important people we need to educate are our administrators. Without their support, technolgy gets put on the wayside and an opportunity to advance our teaching styles are lost. It's frustrating being a tech mentor in a institution that doesn't clearly see the potentials technology has to offer. What makes our administrators so slow to see this?