Thursday, August 02, 2007

Surface Computing

If you haven't watched this video about MicroSoft's surface computing project, you need to watch it. It's pretty amazing. Not available yet, and will start as a kiosk kind of thing for companies, but it will be interesting to see where it goes.

And after you've absorbed that information, watch this parody.


tinkerbellchime said...

I'm glad you keep up with all this cutting edge stuff for us educators. Amazing product, but I did wonder why they showed the camera and how to transfer the photos to the table and then to the phone. I was hoping that the camera and phone would be totally integrated.

Loved the parody, too. It was fun watching them back to back. My mind is already racing to think of practical applications for table, other than photos and games.

Marian Thacher said...

Thanks for checking in. I agree, the parody is funny, but the technology is pretty amazing. It's kind of scary to think you could put your wallet down on one of these things and your credit card numbers could be sucked out, but the virtual photos, and the virtual video puzzle, and tantalizing.