Monday, October 08, 2007

Online Portfolios

On the NIFL Technology list today there was a post about online portfolios. This is something we have been talking about in California, but haven't really looked into or tried. Two sites were recommended, one commercial and one opensource. The commercial site is TaskStream. It has a nice interface, and the person using it (for a graduate program through the Univ of Phoenix) said that it's been easy to use so far. However, it costs $49/yr, less if you subscribe for more years.

She also found an opensource portfolio service, OSP, that looks very interesting. It would be great to have your resume, work samples, course work, articles, all collected in one place and available either publicly or to those you give access to. So which one will be around longest? That's the biggest issue to me. I wouldn't want to create a portfolio and have it disappear in a year. I guess there are no guarantees, but wondering of any of you have a strong opinion - opensource or commercial?


Prof. Maritza Caban said...


I'm a professor in Puerto Rico and a masters student of University of Phoenix Online and I use TaskStream. For us, as students, we have access to it for a limited time, but I do think that a price for it will become necessary in years to come. Like online storage, there are opensources and commercial ones. Both have their place and their "clients." I guess both will be around for a couple of time.

Marian Thacher said...

Thanks, Maritza. It's interesting how many programs, mostly higher ed, are using online portfolios. For adult educators, I'm glad there are some free versions.