Thursday, February 14, 2008


Saw this on Twitter also, a site that searches Flickr and serves up the photos in a seemingly endless stream. I searched for the tag "eggplant," probably because I had some really delicious Thai eggplant the other night, and got a stream of photos that included the color eggplant and many plates of eggplant cooked various ways along with the vegetable itself, but what I nice way to find images. Here is my eggplant stream. I also tried egret, ballons, and henna. What would you look for, or what would your students want to see?

You can save your search results as a link, which could be handy. Let's say you're teaching about Presidents Day. You could get a stream of Lincoln photos and show them while you are introducing some information or an activity.

And just for fun, check out FlickrVision. Like TwitterVision, it shows you on a map of the world where photos are being uploaded, with a thumbnail of the photo that you can click on the make it larger. This is I guess a lesson in how small the world really is.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Flickriver is taking pics from peoples photostreams without permission and publishing them as though they are put up by the original owners of the works. No, you can't just take and publish someone elses work - it's called copyright infringement. Someone has put most of my 'public' (not to be confused with 'help yourself' on there, and I will be taking legal action against them, and anyone else that steals my works. And remember, this is stealing from starngers, and some of those strangers may be complete loonies who want (and seek) revenge. People feel safe from anyone seeking redress because they're on the net, but remember, unless you are technically savvy, anyone can trace you. Considering how much info people give away of themselves on-line it is easy. I recently found music by a freind of mine linked by someones Blog to a Swedish site which was streaming the tunes for free. Idiot Blogger (amazingly it was a so-called 'fan') and unfortunattely for the Host site, my friend visits Sweden regularly.
Beware copyright theft, the victims are beginning to fight back.