Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving and Saving Files Online

Just heard about (pronounced drop-ee-oo), and then started seeing more references to it. It's a Web site where you can create a drop box for yourself with nothing more than a user ID and password. So, if you need to share files with a dispersed workgroup, or if you want to share photos, word docs, or other files between two classes that are collaborating on a project, this would be a really good service. You get 100MB for free, or can upgrade to 1 Gig for a nominal fee. It gives you a URL, and you can upload files in a number of ways, including voice, fax, and email. This would be a great service for a workgroup that needed to share some docs. It can be password protected or not, and it can expire in a month or whatever timeframe you set, if there is an end date to the project.

I actually just had a programmer create something like this for a statewide group that needs to do some work together and share some spreadsheets. Kinda a like a V-8. Darn, I coulda used Dropio!


alexa said...

Hey Marian, thanks so much for the support! We're extremely happy to hear that you are a fan of We made a release last night with some interesting new features (i.e. send assets between drops, send files out via email and MMS, and more...)  Additionally, We have some really exciting updates that we plan to release soon, so stay posted with us at! Let us know if we can ever do anything for you and thanks again, Alexa

Marian Thacher said...

Thanks, Alexa. We are planning to use dropio for the media files we will need for a workshop next week, so another group of adult educators will learn about the site.

PDonaghy said...

Hi Marian
Didn't know about this one. It looks really useful. Thanks for finding it!
PS: you might be interested in adding your blog details to the new International Edubloggers Directory at