Monday, December 22, 2008

How to Show YouTube Videos at School

I just read an article on Larry Ferlazzo's blog about how to get around your district's blocking of YouTube. This is a problem for many teachers. There are good reasons to keep YouTube blocked, but at the same time there is so much good content there. This was obvious during the election when Obama was posting videos on YouTube, and his transition team continues to do so.

Larry's article led me to a blog post by Joyce Valenza on the School Library Journal blog called When YouTube is Blocked (eight ways around). Larry suggests bookmarking this article, and I agree. There will be that time when the perfect video that you or one of your students needs for a presentation, and this article will help you download it and convert it to a format you can play from your laptop or from within a PowerPoint.

Joyce also suggests trying other video sites that may not be blocked. TeacherTube is one that many teachers know about, but Larry suggests EduBlogs TV, which is still in beta, but is hosting educational videos, and Larry says he has used it quite a bit in teaching American History. The list of videos on the home page looks intriguing, however, I can't get any of them to play from work. Maybe they are embedded videos from YouTube? In which case. this doesn't not solve the problem.

Other suggestions?


Larry Ferlazzo said...


Edublogs TV is in the midst of upgrading and moving servers right now. It's supposed to be up and running again in a few days.

That's the reason why you can access the videos...

Have a great holiday break!


Jennifer Filgate said...

Hi Marian,

Perhaps try a different school-friendly video sharing site like All the videos on there are vetted by teachers before becoming visible to the public, so the content is guaranteed to be school safe.


Jaclyn S said...

I use Youtube and Teachertube all of the time in my class. My students are more interested in seeing history rather than reading and writing about it. I always try to include a video clip or images into each of my lessons. I find that my students understand the content better when they can visualize it. Thank you for Edublogs TV...I think it will be very useful!

Jackie said...

Hello, I'm an Ed tech student & it was interesting reading your blog on how "youtube" is being used in the classrooms for educational purposes. One of my teacher's this past summer in Education Psychology showed us many videos by using youtube. They are great miniclips that help students understand the materila being taught.

Thnx again for providing tips on how to make the program work in class.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the information provided. I'm an Ed tech student & I have seem how the mini clip videos are helpful in class to comprehend the material being taught.

Thanks for the tips on how to get you tube working efficiently in the class.