Sunday, February 08, 2009

21 Ways to Reach 21st Century Learners

This page lists 21 ways to use new technologies in the classroom to engage learners and make learning more interactive and self-directed. Each of the items is a link to examples. For example, the item "Make flash cards for phones and iPods" links to instructions for how to put slides on a iPod, and also to a gallery of educational slides sets that you or your students can download to an iPod. Sets include flashcards to practice identifying the states, or a quiz on US Government. There is also a set of response cards. If all your students have an iPod, and they all download these response cards, then when you ask a question they can hold up their iPod with their response on it, such as the green Yes card, giving you another way to check comprehension or poll students.

Here are the first ten items. Go to the Web site to see the rest.

1 Contribute to a wiki
2 Read and write to a live blog
3 Collaborate using a Google spreadsheet
4 Bring YouTube into the classroom
5 Assign roving reporters
6 Students create podcasts
7 Create interactive maps
8 Create online quizzes
9 Connect to the world through Skype
10 Make flash cards for phones and iPods


dallee said...

It is full time educators realize that the way we were taught in school cannot suffice for today's learners. We need to be knowledgeable of the different technological tool that can aid in student learning.

Life is said to be a cycle and everyday things keep changing,it would be unfair to system if we didn't. The tool you listed are great for learning in today's world. Must say they all take a lot of getting use to. I have been experimenting with blogs for the past two months and to date is I am still a novice. It would be good for schools and district to conduct seminars and offer courses to teachers.
The internet is a great tool and resource for teaching and learning, the sooner teachers learn to use and manipulate it, the more effective we will be.

Marian Thacher said...

Thanks for your comment, dallee. I agree that all these new tools take some getting used to, but the more you use them, the shorter the time it takes to learn a new tool because they are often based on the same principles. Have fun experimenting!