Tuesday, April 17, 2007


What a great conference! I didn't get to go to many presentations because of my own workshops and helping with the Electronic Village, but I thought the EV was really great this year - 3 labs, and busy all the time! Next year in Sacramento will be even better!

It really feels like we've turned a corner with technology. It's no longer a new, exotic topic that a few are enthusiastic about and the rest pay no attention to. There were 53 technology presentations, 26 related to adult education or presented by adult educators. Many workshops on using PowerPoint in the classroom, and on Audacity and other sound recording options for creating podcasts and various online listening activities. I would say sound was the big tech topic this year.

The evening presentation on the lost boys from Sudan was wonderful. What an incredible story those young men have - horrifying, but for those who survived, a true triumph of the spirit. It was inspiring.


LF said...


I've appreciated your blog posts and contributions on various listservs.

I'd like to "tag" you with an online meme that seems to be going around among ELL bloggers (I was tagged by Christina Niven from EL Civics, and you can see my response at:


The question is: What magazines do you read, and have your reading habits changed over the past couple of years?

Larry Ferlazzo

tinkerbellchime said...

Hi Marian--I found your site on a visit to Larry Ferlazzo's blog. I attended your Web 2.0 presentation in LA about a month ago. You gave a great overview of the new trends in online user created material like forums, blogs, and wikis. It encouraged me to forge ahead with this tech stuff. There is so much going on w/ technology. It's exciting, but hard to keep up.

Yes, the audio options are exciting. I like Randalls Listening Lab, but most of it's too high for my Beg.-High students. The first entry he has is about a telephone call and works well at all levels. I'm glad to see sound getting easier to develop and use. Can't get enough listening exercises.

I attended CATESOL 2007 but only got to see a few presentations because my partner and I had to set things up to present Photo Story 3. The event was great. I appreciate that they had water in each room, but the $35 for a box lunch...humm. We split one lunch, so it worked out okay. Seeing the roses in full bloom made up for it.

You mentioned PowerPoint presentations. We followed David Nippoldt from Reedley College, so I was able to poke my head in from time to time and see what he was offering. I was very impressed with the games he created.

Marian Thacher said...

Hi Larry, thank you for linking to my blog, and fot tagging me. Ah, you're educating me. OK, I'll bite.