Friday, April 06, 2007

New Blog for ESOL Learners

Clarissa Ryan had a couple of students who were going back to Korea and asked her how they could keep improving their English. She started to share links with them for free online learning resources. She is just getting started, but I think this will take off. She has some good links to sites for creating cartoons, one that let's you use your own digital photos. Here is a comic strip she made with Comeeko.


Vidya Ganesh said...

Hi! also check out - the cartoon strip creator.

TOONDOO is a unique way to get creative and expressive with comic strips. You can now create your own comic strips, share them with the rest of the world or insert them in your blogs with just a few clicks and drag-n-drops!

Marian Thacher said...

Thanks, Vidya. As you can see, I checked it out.