Sunday, September 30, 2007

Desktop vs Online

Argument with a friend - I say pretty soon we won't need to purchase software, we will be able to create and save all documents online. She says no, because of security. Too easy to hack your online stuff. Would you put your journal online? OK, maybe not. But I would create and save a lot of what I do online. And I will be able to access and use my stuff with something a lot smaller than a laptop, like an iPhone. This is good, because my purse and my laptop case are both too heavy - with gadgets and with paper!


tinkerbellchime said...

I like the addition of the photos on your blog. I didn't realize that they enlarge if you click on them. Just figured that out today when I was trying to read the tiny diagram. Duh!

Marian Thacher said...

I know, that diagram is really too small to read. I just wanted to have a visual, though, of the concept.