Monday, September 10, 2007

SL Video by Kids

I was just starting to get discouraged about the usefulness of Second Life in adult education, but Barry Bakin posted about this video made by kids doing a project on child soldiers made me think again. It's tough subject matter, reflects some real research, and tells a story. I would like to know what the process of making it was like. Can you see your learners doing a project like this?

Barry found this video on a blog by Kevin Jarrett, who has taken a semester leave to investigate Second Life for education, and is blogging about his experiences.


tinkerbellchime said...

What a compelling and outstanding piece of work! As the dialogue continued, I was so taken in with the story that the characters became anything but cartoonish. The writing, the story, the voices, and the sound effects all worked together to grab my interest. I appreciate that the video was short and clear--talk about moving a story forward without a single word wasted. This would show well on an interactive white board.

Viewing this video makes me feel more positive toward Second Life, too. As we know, meaningful work on important subjects never goes out of style, but it's nice to have a new tool to use and view.

Thanks for sharing this one, Miriam. I'll blog about it in a week or two to keep the momentum going. I wonder if they could post a transcript of the story. I assume that intermediate level ESL students could understand the vocabulary without a transcript, but it might help the beginning high ones.

N said...

This is great stuff. I really enjoy your blog. You should post a link to ! Cheers!

Ricky said...

These cartoon characters are almost real and the message so powerful that you are part of the story.
After viewing the video make me think that war is not the answer to impose our ideas, many people will be hurt in the process even innocent children.