Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sir Ken Robinson - Concept Animation

This video by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), creates a visual representation of a 12 minute talk by Sir Ken Robinson about what's wrong with our current education system. Although I've heard him explain these concepts before, it seemed like the visual support of drawing illustrations of the concepts helped me integrate them better. Does it help you?


LeAnn said...

The visual concept helps to support the concept creating the extra connection with the adult learner.

Ana said...

Here is my blog, I want to link to this "Sir Ken Robinson-Concept animation" this is great, I don't know how to thank the way you are thinking!

tinkerbellchime said...

Excellent presentation! I love the artwork. Good information presented in a facinating way. I enjoyed the fast pace, too.

Tman said...

Interesting historical references to get to where education should be headed, not where its going with the beauracratic uproar leading the way. I like the concept presented.

Ana Ingstrom said...

Dear Sir Ken Robinson & Marian Thacher,
You have great post, I have recommend your "concept animation" to my colleagues. With your visual explanation regarding the concept of education in USA, it is easy to visualize several of the aspect that still are taboo, and it is difficult even for educative reforms to accept.
I hope to see more of your material, I hope to see something related to long-life learning and what happens in the corporations either commercial or educative when is necessary to promote the concept of continuing education.

Luke Vyner said...

This is wonderful. I've just started teaching Spanish at Primary after 10 years of teaching EFL to adults.

Ken Robinson inspired me and I blogged about it here

Now I found this perusing your blog. Thanks Marian..I'll be back for more


Luke Vyner