Thursday, December 02, 2010

History of Educational Technology

Love this slide show from NYT. Sadly, I remember all of these from the chalk board, invented in 1890. But the most nostalgic is that rasty mimeograph machine. So glad those days are over!

What is your favorite?

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Ana Ingstrom said...

Wow! this is an interesting post.
Thank you so much for sharing the devises had been important tools in the path of education. We as practitioner of education can see that tools as you presented have been important in education in order to facilitate the process of learning. Just I believe that in the 40's and 50's there were used kind of rulers made of wood and later of hard plastic full inscribed of numbers to find for example the values of trigonometric functions.
I'm telling this, because actually students find difficult to understand how learn math before without scientific or graphing calculators. I'm going to share with them this blog and in particular this post "adult Education and Technology/ History of Educational Technology"