Sunday, January 30, 2011

ISTE's Top 3 Priorities for 2011

Here are ISTE's top three ed tech policy priorities for this year:

1. Dedicated funding for educational technology (support the continuation of EETT)
2. Technology must be included in every school improvement initiative (Race to the Top, etc.)
3. Broadband for all as a national priority

Having just come from the California Adult Education Administrators Association conference, it's hard not to feel that dedicated funding for every aspect of education is in jeopardy, but the focus on technology continues to be essential. The good news is that it's not debated much any more. There is general acceptance that students need digital literacy skills, and teachers need professional development in this area. The challenge now is shrinking federal, state and local budgets.

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Ana Ingstrom said...

Dear Marian;
Thank you for sharing this information with all the educators.
It will gave us a new perspective regarding how we have to update our strategy of teaching. I believe that also we as practitioners need to understand that education is going to the path of technology advancements.
I fell concern regarding all became just consumers of technological resources maybe the context in the of the new curriculum should be also introduce the learners to learn the technical components of technology, in this way everything will be holistically technological knowledge.
Thank you
Ana Ingstrom